A Horse of a Different Color by Barb Witt

“Do you give the horse its strength or clothe its neck with a flowing mane?” (Job 39:19 NIV)

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Anna sat on the fence and watched as her dad worked with her horse. He was a yearling and their veterinarian had given the ‘okay’ to start training him under saddle. She couldn’t wait to ride him.

Her father raised Appaloosas. When he had bred the mares, he promised the next foal would be hers. She had been on pins and needles until her dad woke her up one morning, almost two years ago, and told her one of the mares was foaling. She jumped out of bed and threw on some warm clothes (it was early spring and cold outside) and sprinted to the barn. She watched the whole process and was amazed. And suddenly, the foal was born. It was a colt (male), and both he and mama did great. While his mama was still cleaning him, he stood up on those shaky little legs and started looking for food. He found his mother’s teat and began suckling with gusto. That made Anna smile. He would grow strong because he was getting nourishment.

He was a Blue Roan. She had named him Pepper, because his face was blue, his back was white, and his hind quarters were peppered with blue spots. He was beautiful! His mane and tail were dark with white mixed in. They flowed stunningly behind him when he ran. He was a sight to behold. And he was hers. She had cared for him as he grew, brushing him and mucking out his stall daily. She walked him around the ring so he could get used to being led, as her dad had taught her.

As she watched, she pondered the wonder of a horse. Those skinny legs didn’t look like they could hold the horse up, much less carry a human and run the way they do. She whispered to her heavenly Father, as she often did, “Lord, horses are amazing. How did You think of them? How did you know how to make them? And they are so incredibly beautiful. Stubborn, too. You made them smart as well. I sure do love horses. Thanks for creating them.”

After about an hour, her dad called it a day on Pepper’s training. Anna walked him around the ring to calm him and talked to him. Then she took him to the barn and brushed him down, talking the whole time and telling him how beautiful and smart he was. He snorted at her a few times and nuzzled her hands. After she took care of him, she turned him loose in the fenced in pasture so he could be with the other horses for a while. She watched as he interacted with his horse family. It made her smile. He pranced around and ran back and forth. He was happy. And that made her happy.

As she stood there, she looked up into the heavens and smiled and said, “Thank You again, Father. OnlyYou could build a horse from scratch and make it so amazing.”

And now, we pray…

A horse is an amazing creature, Lord. Everything You have made is amazing. Thank You for doing the awesome things You do. Every day is a blessing, a gift from our Father in heaven. And we thank You for it, Lord. Thank You for everything. In Jesus’ name we pray.


A Horse of a Different Co (© Barb Witt 8/17/2020)

About the Author:

Barb Witt is a Christian wife, mother and grandmother who loves gardening, quilting, crafting, writing poetry and devotions, and is working on a children’s book. She has created an email devotional and prayer warrior ministry that she sends out daily. If you’re interested in being added to her email list let us know.