Tea Party by Barb Witt

“Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.”

(Psalm 17:8 NIV)

Photo Courtesy of PikWizard

As he watched his daughter have a tea party with her stuffed animals and listened to her sweet voice, his heart melted. He loved her so much.

What was that old saying? he thought. Oh, yeah, she’s ‘the apple of my eye’. She is certainly that.

He continued to watch as she played and then she burst into song entertaining her stuffed animal friends. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for her. He’d give his life for her. He had never loved anyone the way he loved his little girl.

“Is this how You feel about us, Father?” he prayed softly, “When You look at us, does Your heart melt? Do You smile as You watch us go through life? I think You do. I think this because I know You gave Your Son for us as a living sacrifice. He died and rose again so that we can live with You through eternity. Now I understand. I understand how much You love us. I can see why You did what You did. There is nothing so powerful as the love between a parent and their child. And I am honored to be called a child of the King. Thank You for Your love, Father. And I love You, too.”

His little girl came running over to him with a tiny teacup in her hand. “Want some tea, Daddy? It’s really good. And I made your favorite pretend cookies, too.” She smiled at him as she stuffed a pretend cookie in his mouth, and he drank the pretend tea she had brought him.

“Thank you, Nugget. That’s the best tea and cookie I ever ate,” he said as he smiled at the little angel standing in front of him. She giggled and ran back to her tea party to serve more tea and cookies to her stuffed animal friends.

And now we pray…

Lord, we can’t thank You or praise You enough for the love shower upon us. We live in this world of sin, and You have not left us here alone. Even on the darkest days, the shadow of Your wing hovers over us. Thank You for loving us as You do. Thank You for everything.

In Jesus’ name we pray. AMEN!

Tea Party (©Barb Witt 1/9/2020)

About the Author:

Barb Witt is a Christian wife, mother and grandmother who loves gardening, quilting, crafting, writing poetry and devotions, and is working on a children’s book. She has created an email devotional and prayer warrior ministry that she sends out daily. If you’re interested in being added to her email list let us know.