Best Friends by Barb Witt

“When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.”

(Psalm 94:19 ESV)

Bonnie and Caroline burst into Edna’s room. If they weren’t such good friends, she’d have been very angry. But truth was, she needed them just now. She hadn’t been able to eat much since the accident. She hadn’t slept well either. She couldn’t even find the strength to climb out of bed.

“Honey, you need to get out of that bed. You’ve been in there way too long,” Caroline said as she peeked at her under the covers where Edna had buried her head.

“Yeah, you’re pretty ripe. You need a shower girlfriend,” Bonnie held her nose.

Edna couldn’t help but burst out in laughter. She sat up laughing and crying at the same time, She threw her legs over the side of the bed, and her friends hugged her.

As all three blubbered and caterwauled loudly, the nurse ran in the door. “Is everything all right in here?” she asked, looking at the three women sitting on the bed with their arms around each other.

“Yeah, we’re okay,” Caroline said through sniffs and snorts while wiping her eyes on a tissue.

“Nurse, Ms. Edna here could sure use a shower, can you help her with that? We’ll change her sheets while you take care of her, okay?” Bonnie held her nose again.

“I’d be happy to,” the nurse said with a grin.  “Come on, Edna, let’s get you cleaned up.” She got Edna’s walker and helped her into the bathroom.

When she was all cleaned up, Edna opened the bathroom door to a freshly made bed and a TV tray with a plate of eggs and bacon, toast, and a cup of steaming coffee. Bonnie and Caroline stood behind her chair, smiling at her as only her two best friends could.

“Come on, Edna, sit down and have some breakfast,” Caroline said.

“Yeah, we made it just for you.” Bonnie snorted a laugh.  “Not! We got it from the cafeteria.”

Edna sat down, smiling as she looked at the feast in front of her. Suddenly her tummy growled loud and long. “Oh my! I must be hungry after all,” she exclaimed.

“We’re really sorry about your granddaughter, Edna,” Caroline said. “We know how close you two were. She was so young.”

“Yeah, it’s such a shame,” said Bonnie. “Drunk driving should be against the law.”

That made Edna and Caroline laugh.

“Yes, it is a shame,” Edna said. “She was on her way home from college for a long weekend visit with her parents and out of nowhere another car T-Boned her. The paramedics tried to save her, but it just wasn’t meant to be.” Tears rolled down Edna’s cheeks as she thought about her granddaughter. Such a lovely girl. “But I do know that I’ll see her again when I get to heaven. And that’s something I can look forward to. And I know she wouldn’t want me sitting here moping either. I will miss her. A lot. And I have my memories to cherish.” Edna wiped away the tears.

After Edna finished her breakfast she grinned at her friends. “Okay, girls, let’s go see what mischief we can get into today.”

Bonnie and Caroline laughed, and said in unison, “All right! Let’s go, girlfriend!”

They all walked out the door talking and laughing and Edna whispered a prayer, “Thank You,  Lord for these friends. And please say ‘Hello’ to my granddaughter. Tell her I can’t wait to see her again.”

Best Friends (© Barb Witt 1/7/2020)

And now we pray…

Lord, thank You for Your comfort which comes in many forms. One of the best is through our friends. Thank You for the strength of friendships and for the support they give. Thank You for everything.

In Jesus’ name we pray. AMEN!

About the Author:

Barb Witt is a Christian wife, mother and grandmother who loves gardening, quilting, crafting, writing poetry and devotions, and is working on a children’s book. She has created an email devotional and prayer warrior ministry that she sends out daily. If you’re interested in being added to her email list let us know.