Personal Bible Study

Our congregation is currently joining together using this Daily Bible Reading Plan, which you may download here, or obtain a copy on Sunday morning at church:    ESV Read Thru the Bible


Enrich your Bible knowledge with information on defense of the faith: Apologetics Press


Make this the year you begin a daily Bible reading plan.  It’s best to find a particular time of the day (and maybe a place, too).  Choose a plan that fits your needs.  You will find plans that allow you to read completely through the Bible in a year, or just the New Testament in a year, or accelerate your reading plan by completing portions of the Bible, or the whole Bible in less than a year!  Perhaps you could get a Bible reading buddy, and encourage each other along.  Start anytime of the year, and if you fall behind in your reading, just resume reading when you can.

Here are some popular options: 

“Bible Memory Plan”, by Pamela McQuade.  2011 by Barbour Publishing, Inc.